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Off The Shelf

May 25, 2021

How can civilian employers improve the way that they locate, hire, and retain military veterans and military spouses?  Join Rebecca Ray as she discusses this and more with Nathan Ainspan, Senior Research Psychologist with the Military-Civilian Transition Office at the Department of Defense and Kristin Saboe, Global Senior Manager for Organizational Research and Employee Listening at Boeing.  Their new book, Military Veteran Employment:  A Guide for the Data-Driven Leader draws on principles and research from industrial/organizational psychology and best practices from human resources management.  The discussion touches on the current state of veteran employment in the US and why it’s such an important issue, what separates their research from what’s been presented before, the benefits of veteran employment and the common misconceptions that civilians have about veteran employment. 

Order Military Veteran Employment:  A Guide for the Data-Driven Leader here.

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