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Off The Shelf

Jun 8, 2021

Join Dr. Curtis Odom, business leader and Executive Professor of Management in the D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University, as he shares his 20 years of professional insights, lessons learned, and personal experiences about how to be a successful business leader.

What makes the writing of this book so beautifully ironic is that you will be reading the career learnings of someone who barely made it out of high school and yet found his personal definition of success as a business owner and full-time faculty member at a top business school in Boston.

This book started with a student who gave Dr. Odom the greatest gift of his career: a transcript of his academic lectures taught over a fall semester in a college classroom that encapsulated an entire career’s worth of experience. This engaged student distilled the insights from Dr. Curtis Odom lectures into simple, impactful statements that most influenced him as a student and now can be shared with the book’s readers.